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Storypark is a secure online community for our educators to connect and communicate with parents about their children. Each child has a private profile and educators will send an invitation to parents in order for them to access their child’s profile. Storypark is an interactive space where parents can contribute and keep up to date with their child’s progression at Expeditions Early Learning Journey.

We use this platform to bridge the communication gap between our parents and educators and frequently update it with photos of their day, participation in activities, information about their current likes and dislikes and any significant developmental achievements.

Our aim is always to include our families and ensure they are a part of their child’s first life expedition.

We encourage you to visit the Storypark website or if you would like more information, please contact your Centre Director.

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At Expeditions, we understand the importance of providing as many enriching learning experiences as possible to ensure children have a well rounded education. We believe involving our families and the wider community in centre activities means children have access to varied experiences. We encourage our parents to immerse themselves in our centre each week and offer any special learning experiences for our children.

Encouraging children to be an active participant in our community is a key part of our philosophy. We provide a number of programs including swimming lessons, bush kinder programs, local library and nursing home visits.

Swimming Lessons

Research has shown that learning to swim from an early age supports children’s gross motor skills, builds confidence and that early swimmers even perform better socially and academically in later life. As a child revels in their progress and success, they gain confidence within themselves that continues even after they step out of the water and into other aspects of their lives.

We offer swimming lessons to all children at our centre. Our qualified aquatic staff, teach children to develop the necessary skills to be safe in and around the water and ensure they have this skill for life.

Bush Kinder

Our Bush Kinder program has been inspired by the ‘forest schools’ of Denmark and Scandinavia. We know that children who engage in the natural world are often happier, healthier and have a stronger respect for the world around them. Our bush kinder program encourages children to be active, to be creative and to enjoy the outdoors.

Community Visits

Community visits such as engaging with nursing homes and libraries provides children with opportunities to expand their learning and feel a sense of community belonging. Intergenerational playgroups and regular engagement with a variety of people helps to shape our youngest minds and encourages them to see the world as a diverse and exciting place.

Book a tour of our centre or get in touch for more information about our enriching programs.

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